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The Ambassadors of the Bible Foundation is not a fanatic missionary sect.

Out goal is a XXI-st. century introduction of the Bible through art with a XXI-st century interpretation.

Basic Statute: Protecting Humanity's Spiritual Development and Violence, Especially Domestic Violence, Abused Mothers and Their Children.

This also includes the provision of temporary assistance to girls over the age of 18 leaving orphanages.

Nowadays, there are more and more cases like this and the authorities are not able to pay attention.

In most cases, the abuser is so afraid he doesn't even dare to tell his closest acquaintances.

The Bible's ambassadors are trying to build a shelter for women and mothers who have fled such homes.

We are well on our way and with civilian support, but unfortunately this is still not enough.

We still need volunteer supporters because we're only half the job now. We are well on our way and thank all of our supporters so far, but please give us some more support. It does not matter a large amount, it can be anything that is not a problem for you, but you know that you are doing it right and making the daily life of a suffering woman or child livelier.

Thank you very much God bless you and give you thousands of your support.